Friday, June 17, 2016

De ce nu mai este iubire?

De ce nu mai este iubire?Un mare adevar se afla in aceasta,parintii nu isi mai iubesc copii,copii isi urasc parintii,fratii se razvratesc unul asupra altuia,se omoara omenii intre ei.Ceea ce aproape in fiecare zi auzim cuvinte jignitoare dar si juraminte strambe Biblia ne invata "sa nu juram stramb" in Matei 5 : 33 - 37 Despre ceea ce multi se intreaba?Va indemn doar sa cititi BIBLIA,si veti vedea cate adevaruri,si cate invataturi pe care fiecare din noi ar trebui sa le stim si sa le punem in aplicare...

Privesc si ma intreb in jurul meu ce se intampla
De ce om cu om se cearta,se cearta mereu?
Scriptura ne spune gasive-i tu oare credinta
Deaceea,o Doamne,adesea m-am intrebat si eu?

De ce nu mai este iubire intre noi?
De ce ne lasam amagiti si tarati in noroi?
De ce dragostea multora acum s-a racit?
De ce ne lasam de Satana uneori amagiti?

De ce sa murim cand Tu ne vrei viata?
De ce sa plecam din lume nemantuiti?
Cand jertfa de pe Crucea din dealul Golgota
Ne spune cat de mult Tu Doamne ne-ai iubit

De ce nu privim cu dragoste la Golgota?
De ce nu privim tinta la Domnul Isus?
Iubirea Lui cea mare acolo sus pe cruce
In chinurile mortii iertare ne-a adus.

De ce asteptam iertare de la altii?
De ce nu iertam din inima pe toti?
La urma nu ramane doar dragostea curata
Ca Acelui ce-a murit si a inviat din morti!

Iunie17-2016 Lucas in Hawaii...

Lucas in Hawaii...Pahoa is located in the Big Island's Puna District.It is also known as the Big Island's hippie capital,a place where New Agers,hippies and others living an alternative lifestyle reside.The pride of "downtown" Pahoa is its raised wooden sidewalk,the false-front stores and the numerous old buildings,which give it a "Wild West" atmosphere.In fact,Pahoa has the highest concentration of old buildings in Hawaii.There are a few small restaurants with a variety of cuisines,craft stores,galleries,boutiques and the island's oldest movie theater.The Pahoa Marketplace,which is located at the edge of town, has more shops, but is not as scenic as the main street.Pahoa also has schools,a church,supermarkets,police and fire departments,a large public swimming pool and a post office.In 1955, Pahoa was almost destroyed by a fire.Right in the middle of town was a tofu factory that had a wood-fired furnace.The owner usually banked his fires before he went home,but that night,the fire got out of control.It burned all the way to the main alley.Luckily,a papaya farmer who had water loaded on the back of his truck saw what happened and extinguished the fire,saving Pahoa from destruction.In the past,the area around Pahoa was timber and later sugarcane land,but today there are many nurseries located here growing anthuriums.Papayas are also grown here in large numbers.An attraction just outside of Pahoa is the Lava Tree State Park.This area was once a lush rain forest,but lava flows encased the trees and burned the wood inside.What remains are hollow stone skeletons that are covered with moss,an otherworldly rock forest...